• General

  • Who is WeSki?

    We are group of snow mad friends who found the whole process of booking trips a right pain, we wanted something easier and more personal. No matter your ski level, group size or requirements, we’ve got an exciting trip for you.

    How Does it Work?

    You have the flexibility to choose 2, 3, 4 or 5-nights and midweek stays rather than the usual week-long holiday (as well as up to 20 nights if you like). Plus, we help group leaders out by getting their friends to pay us directly in order to confirm a booking. Each group member can personalise their individual bookings with better skis or extra lessons. WeSki makes hitting the slopes so much more fun.

    It’s never been easier to combine the key elements of a trip – flights, car hire or transfers, accommodation and ski pass – in one simple booking.

    Why use WeSki to book my holiday?

    There are lots of fab reasons to book with us. 😀

    1. “Flex-ski-bility” and choice. We work with a range of suppliers and our clever technology finds the best deals for you. Plus, all of your ski holiday essentials are here on one easy platform.
    2. Our prices. We are typically 20% cheaper than our rival ski tour package operators. Check it out for yourself, you will see we offer the best value for you to get your snow fix.
    3. Group booking – each pay your own. You can set up your personlised ski group through our website. Then each skier can pay their own and customise his or her package (ski lessons, equipment hire, lessons, oversized baggage, car rental) all through our website.
    4. Unbeatable Service. Our team’s passion is skiing and snowboarding. Our daily goal is to say “YES” to all the bits and bobs you want included in your holiday. All our support staff have worked and skied in the alps, and know the resorts like the piste map. We are a friendly bunch and want you to have the best ski vacation ever, all with the least amount of hassle possible!

    Why are your packages so cheap?

    We have awesome suppliers and partners in the alps that offer us competitive rates. Plus, we don’t take large commissions like some other companies. Our mission was to make skiing more affordable for all, and we think you will agree we have done just that. 😀

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Now for the official ‘small print’… We will, wherever possible endeavor to make changes or additions to your booking on request and where available. If you wish to cancel your holiday we must be informed in writing by the person(s) who wish to cancel.

    We strongly recommend that you take out full travel insurance, which includes cancellation cover. As we incur costs from the time you make your booking, you agree that if you cancel your booking or any element(s) of it, you will compensate us for expenses and losses incurred up to the maximum charges shown below. Our cancellation charges increase the closer to your confirmed departure date. This is because we may have to pre-pay our suppliers and there is also a reduced opportunity for us to re-sell your booked arrangements as we near the departure date.

    *The following charges apply based on the date we receive your written notification and apply to the total number of people in the group. If one person in the group cancel please contact us to see what arrangements can be made

    Number of days prior to departure when written confirmation is received by us:Cancellation charge as a % of the total price of the package/booking :
    From Booking day until 31 days before holiday100% of flight + 30% of accommodation
    From 30 days until 8 days before holiday100% of the flight and of the accommodation
    From 7 days before the holiday until departure or no show100% of the package cost

    Do you offer travel insurance?

    Currently we do not offer travel insurance and strongly recommend that you get it. Soon we will also offer this as part of our packages. 😀

    How is the accommodation rated on the website?

    The overall accommodation rating is to be used as a guide only, we have created a scale from (1 being the lowest quality; 5 being the highest. Our rating goes from 1-5 as; Crash Pad, Snug, Comfy, Treat and Splurge).

    It has been rated using our subjective opinion together with those of the holiday/tour operator which include the following factors:

    • The facilities, services and amenities as advertised
    • The location of the property, in regards to ski accessibility and its proximity to town and/or the town’s amenities
    • Age and design of the accommodation
    • Any guest satisfaction feedback from the holiday/tour operator

    The rating given is not an official rating as we have over 11,000 properties. If you need further clarification, please speak to one of our ski nuts support team.

    Do you cater for young families and children?

    If you require a holiday with young children, please call one of our support team who will be able to assist you in booking a holiday with young children and families.

    What are your opening hours?

    Our office hours are:

    Sunday to Thursday: 8am-7pm

    Friday: 8am-2pm

    Saturday: Closed

  • Paying For Your Holiday

  • What ways can I pay?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards excluding American Express.

    How do I pay separately and how does it work?

    You can pay separately through a secure link that is unique to your group through our website.

    Can I pay for all the group?

    Yes, if you would like to pay for the entire group you can. What a great mate you are. 😊

    Can I pay a deposit?

    Unfortunately, because of our low prices currently we do not accept deposits.

  • Getting There

  • Where do I get all my booking information?

    Once each member has paid, we will send you a secure link with all the details of your booking. That includes flights, accommodation, lift passes vouchers, transfers, lessons and anything else you have added to your holiday. If you lose the link, don’t worry just get in touch with us and we can resend it to you. 😊

    What documents do I need?

    You will need to take your passport and driver's licence if you are hiring a car.

    Is my ski baggage included in the price?

    On some airlines the ski baggage is included, once you have built your package this information will be made available to you.

    What is my baggage allowance?

    Minimum 1 x 20Kg plus your carry-on baggage is included in the prices of the flights.

    What about my ski baggage (oversized baggage)?

    You can pay for your ski baggage on the group booking page on our website by selecting +Equipment or you can email or call us to organise this for you.

    Can I pay for additional baggage on the flight?

    Yes, if you need to purchase additional baggage please give us a call/email and we can arrange this.

  • Lift, Passes Transfers and Rentals

  • Do I need to include the lift pass with the price?

    No, if you do not wish to include the lift pass you can call or email us and we will remove this for you.

    With the car rental does it come with snow-chains?

    No unfortunately the companies like to have control of this, therefore our prices are without snow-chains. You can organise this when you pick up your car, the prices are as follows:

    • 1-4 days - 45 EURO
    • 4 days plus - 49 EURO

    Who is your ski hire company?

    We are partnered with SkiSet for all ski and snowboard rental equipment for hire. From our partnership it is cheaper to book with us.

    Can I book ski and snowboard lessons? Who are they with?

    Yes, we are partnered with ESF in France and we can organise this for you. If you are travelling to anywhere other than France, we can also organise that for you through the official ski schools.